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It's triples all the way down

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16. The United States has the easiest route with Colombia as its next opponent and the winner of China-Cameroon waiting in the next round. Instead of targeting a savior and declaring a one-man era, it would be wiser for golf to spread the wealth and celebrate its international depth. The United States and Colombia met in the 2011 World Cup and the U. Injuries happen (Woods' full-body breakdown since 2008). A duel between those two would go a long way toward establishing a rivalry. Sonia Bermudez had a free kick in extra time against South Korea, dipped the ball over the wall and watched it ping off the crossbar before the referee blew the whistle to end play. wholesale nfl jerseys 2015 At worst, that's fear mongering. Some fans never let you forget. If the Cardinals would sneak into an opponent's computer, which is a federal crime and far worse than deflating a few footballs, what else would they do to gain an edge? If they would cheat against a long-struggling team such as the Astros, why wouldn't they cheat to beat the richest team in baseball and their Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw? Woah there. It's been 40, long, years.

The Golden State Warriors won the 2014-15 NBA title with a 105-97 victory in Cleveland behind its typical end-to-end, team play. A championship NBA season doesn't just begin in October. The biggest question right now in the St. UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. �� Chambers Bay, the breathtaking and tradition-breaking venue for the U. cheap nfl jerseys 2015 Since Tiger Woods' career arc literally and figuratively crashed on Nov. South Korea just didn't have the speed to outrace Spanish defenders and many through balls were either blocked or intercepted. For most of the last five years, Woods has wandered in soul-searching, swing-searching purgatory, and golf became desperate to anoint a replacement. When he won one major each in 2011 and '12, the world gushed �C with good reason. nfl jerseys 2015 Golden State fans are used to those sorts of blown moves.

Thompson managed another double-double (15 points and 13 rebounds) in Game 6, but it wasn't enough. Competition happens (multiple major winners like Mickelson, Martin Kaymer and Bubba Watson aren't here to genuflect in front of Spieth or McIlroy). If you look back at the last four or five years, I guess I've won more majors than anyone else in that time period. The Cavs even took the lead in the third quarter on a Thompson jump hook just one minute into the second half, as Golden State struggled to free itself for its usual perimeter barrage. Apparently modern golf eras are disposable �C claimed and then redistributed from major to major. It was this sort of all-around play that marked Golden State's season, one that started with a series of moves that could've blown up in the franchise's face. The sport has developed a savior fixation. And I guess for me I feel the same way, when I look at the World Rankings and I see my name up at the top. The second quarter was Golden State's time to whiff, however, with the Warriors missing 10 of 11 shots to begin that frame as Cleveland clawed its way back to make this another close one.

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